Isabela, Brazil. Living in the garrett land, feel free to join me.

It was amazing to watch Rob with the babies. He would just turn into this completely different person. He just loved being around kids. He would actually argue, ‘Why do I have to keep giving the baby away to other people? I don’t get hold her enough, I don’t get to be with her enough.’  He really seemed to love playing off of children. -Bill Condon [x]

Esquire > Sep 2012

I prefer the clouds. I’m happier when it’s cloudy. I don’t know why. I can wake up on a cloudy morning and be the happiest person around. I can be in a bad mood, walk outside and go, “Dang, are you serious? All right!” Maybe it evokes more. Maybe I’m able to concentrate a little better without the sun shining so bright

stewberts replied to your post: now i can say…. im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

hi bby

hi brit brit! how are u bb?

now i can say…. im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Garrett and I known each other for a long time. We did Friday Night Lights together, we did Country Strong together and he’s a great actor -  Tim Mcgraw on Garrett

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